Top 10 Fastest Trains In The World 2021

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Today there are many fastest trains in the world that run at the speed of flight. All the facilities like flight are also available in other trains. That’s why most people nowadays travel by train, and traveling in bullet trains is very different. Do you want to know which is the fastest bullet train in the world 2021, Shanghai maglev? Here we have made the list of top 10 fastest trains in the world 2021.

10. Renfe AVE – 310 km/h

Renfe AVE top 10 fastest train in the world 2021

Alta Velocidad Española (AVE) is a service of high-speed rail in Spain, operated by the Spanish national railway company, Renfe, at a speed of 310 km/h. As of August 2017, the Spanish AVE system is Europe’s longest HSR network with 3,240 km / 2,010 mi. It is the second longest in the world after China. Also, the Renfe AVE ranks 10th in the top 10 fastest trains in the world 2021 with maximum speed 310 km/h.

  • Website:
  • Speed: 310 km/h (193 mph)

09. Eurostar e320 – 320 km/h

Image Credit: Kabelleger / David Gubler

British Rail Class 374, it is also branded as Eurostar E320. It is a type of electric multiple unit passenger train used to serve destinations beyond the main routes of Paris and Brussels via the Channel Tunnel. They began to run passenger services in November 2015. The Eurostar e320 is ninth fastest train in the world 2021. It’s maximum speed is 320 km/h.

  • In service: 20 November 2015 – present
  • Speed: 320 km/h (200 mph)

08. H5 Series Shinkansen – 320 km/h

H5 Series Shinkansen top 10 bullet train in the world 2021
Image: Toshinori baba/Wikimedia

The H5 series is a Japanese Shinkansen high-speed train type owned by the Hokkaido Railway Company since 26 March 2016 for use on Tohoku and Hokkaido Shinkansen services.

Additionally, the H5 Series is based directly on the E5 Series trains operated by JR East on Tohoku Shinkansen since 2011. It has a similar maximum operating speed of 320 km/h. H5 Series Shinkansen is one of the top 10 fastest bullet train in the world 2021.

  • In service: 26 March 2016
  • Speed: 320 km/h (200 mph)

07. AGV Italo – 360 km/h

Agv italo top 10 bullet train in the world 2021
Image: Alstom/Flickr

The AGV is a standard gauge, high-speed, electric multiple-unit train designed and built by Alstom. Alstom offers the AGV in configurations from seven to fourteen carriages, seating 245 to 446 persons.

Moreover, the trains are constructed from units comprising three cars (each with one transformer and two traction electronics packages located underneath the cars) and single-car driver-trailers. The maximum commercial speed is 360 km/h. AGV Italo is one of the top 10 fastest trains in the world 2021.

  • Manufacturer: Alstom
  • Speed: 360 km/h (224 mph)

06. Talgo AVRIL HSR – 380 km/h

Talgo Avril top 10 fastest train in the world 2021

The Talgo Evil is a high-speed train being developed by the Talgo. The train is intended to have a high speed of 380 km/h. It will have front and rear electric cars with under-floor / over-roof equipment and 8 trailer cars in between power cars, giving a total seating capacity compared to an electric multiple unit instead of a locomotive-mounted train. Trailer cars will be an unusually short 13 meter (42 ft 8 in) length. Also, the Talgo AVRIL HSR is sixth fastest bullet train in the world 2021.

  • Website:
  • Speed: 380 km/h (240 mph)

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05. China Railway CRH380A – 416.6 km/h

top 10 fastest train in the world 2021
Image: Alancrh/Wikimedia

The CRH380A is a Chinese electric high-speed train developed by CSR Corporation Limited and currently manufactured by CSR Qingdao Sifang Locomotive & Rolling Stock Co., Ltd.

In addition, the CRH380A is designed to operate in commercial service at a maximum speed of 350 km/h / 217 mph and a maximum speed of 380 km/h / 236 mph. The original 8-car train-set recorded a top speed of 416.6 km/h / 258.9 mph during the trial run. The long 16-car train-set reached 486.1 km/h. Also, the CRH380A is fifth fastest train in the world 2021.

  • In service: 2010 – Present
  • Speed: 416 km/h (258 mph)

04. Fuxing – 420 km/h

Fuxing Shanghai maglev

The Fuxing is a series of high-speed and high-speed EMU trains operated by China Railway High-Speed and developed by CRRC, which owns independent intellectual property rights. It is the world’s fastest conventional high speed train in regular service, with operating speeds of 350 km/h for the CR400AF and CR400BF models. The Fuxing is the fourth fastest bullet train in the world 2021.

  • In service: August 15, 2016 Present
  • Top Speed: 420 km/h (260 mph)

03. Shanghai maglev – 431 km/h

shanghai maglev top 10 fastest train in the world 2021

The Shanghai Maglev Train is a magnetic levitation train line that operates in Shanghai, China. Shanghai maglev is the oldest commercial maglev still in operation, and the first commercial high-speed maglev with a cruising speed of 431 km/h. It is also the fastest commercial electric train in the world. The line is the third commercially operated maglev line in history. Also, the Shanghai Maglev is one of the top 10 fastest bullet trains in the world 2021.

  • Website:
  • Top Speed: 431 km/h (268 mph)

02. French TGV – 574.8 km/h

French TGV Shanghai maglev

TGV is France’s Intercity high-speed rail service, operated by state-owned national rail operator SNCF. The TGV network in France carries about 110 million passengers a year. Moreover, a TGV test train set a world record for fastest wheel train on 3 April 2007, reaching 574.8 km/h. The TGV is the second fastest train in the world 2021.

  • Locale: France, with services extending to Belgium, Luxembourg, Germany, Switzerland, Italy, Spain and the Netherlands
  • Website: TGV on
  • Top Speed: 574 km/h (357 mph)

01. L0 Series Maglev – 375 mph

top 10 fastest train in the world 2021
By Saruno Hirobano – Own work

The L0 series is a high-speed maglev train developed and tested by the Central Japan Railway Company (JR Central). JR Central plans to use the L0 series on the Ch Shinkansen Railway line between Tokyo and Osaka, which is under construction. It is the fastest train in the world 2021.

 A seven-car train set a land speed record for rail vehicles of 603 km/h on 21 April 2015. These trains are planned to run at a maximum speed of 500 km/h. Travel time will take 40 minutes between Tokyo (Shinagawa Station) and Nagoya and 1 hour 7 minutes between Tokyo and Osaka.

  • Entered service: 2011 (2020 – improved) – (2027 – passenger service)
  • Maximum speed: 500 km/h (310 mph)
  • Record: 603 km/h (375 mph)


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