Top 10 Safest Airports In The World 2023

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safest airport in the world

Safest Airports in the world 2023

What is the safest airport in the world in 2023? Checking out how safe the airport is before you travel can make traveling more interesting. Although there are strict security arrangements at airports, but these 10 airports have been awarded the world’s safest award in the year. Seoul Incheon Airport is named the winner of the World’s Best Airport Security award, ahead of Zurich Airport in second place and Kansai International Airport ranked third. Check out the list of Top 10 Safest Airports in the World 2023. Let’s see!

10. Rome Fiumicino Airport

top 10 Safest Airports In The World

According to Skytrax, Rome-Fiumicino International Airport is the tenth safest airport in the world by 2023. This is an international airport in Fiumicino, Italy, serving Rome. It is the busiest airport in the country, the eleventh busiest in Europe and the 49th busiest in the world, serving over 43.5 million passengers. It covers an area of ​​16 square kilometres.

Additionally, the airport was officially opened with two runways on 15 January 1961, replacing the smaller Rome Ciampino Airport, which remains in service for domestic and charter operations along with some low-cost airlines. Despite being officially opened in 1961, Leonardo da Vinci-Fiumicino Airport was actually in use from 20 August 1960. This was to help relieve air traffic, which was congested at Rome Ciampino Airport during the 1960 Summer Olympics.

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09. Copenhagen Airport

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Copenhagen Airport is ranked ninth among the top 10 safest airports in the world by 2023. It is the main international airport serving a large part of southern Sweden, including Copenhagen, Denmark, the rest of Zeeland, the Oresund Region, and Scania. It is the second largest airport in the Nordic countries. Before the Covid-19 pandemic, it was the largest airport in the Nordic countries with around 30.3 million passengers in 2019. It is one of the oldest international airports in Europe. It is the fourth busiest airport in Northern Europe, and the busiest airport for international travel in Scandinavia.

In addition, Copenhagen Airport was originally called Kastrup Airport, as it is located in the small town of Kastrup, now a part of Tårnby Municipality. Also, the formal name of the airport is still Copenhagen Airport, Kastrup, to distinguish it from Roskilde Airport, whose formal name is Copenhagen Airport, Roskilde.

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08. Chubu Centrair Nagoya Airport

top 10 Safest Airports In The World
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Chubu Centrair International Airport is an international airport on an artificial island in the city of Tokoname, 35 km south of Nagoya in Japan. It has been awarded the 8th Safest Airport Award in the world 2023 by Skytrax.

In addition, Centrair is classified as a first-class airport and is the main international gateway to the Chubu region of Japan. The name “Centrair” is an abbreviation for Central Japan International Airport, an alternate translation used in the English name of the airport’s operating company, Central Japan International Airport Corporation Limited. 10.2 million people used the airport in 2015, ranking it the 8th busiest in the country, and carried 208,000 tonnes of cargo in 2015.

Additionally, Chubu Centrair serves Japan’s third largest metropolitan area centered around the city of Nagoya. The area is a major manufacturing center, with headquarters and production facilities for Toyota Motor Corporation and production facilities for Mitsubishi Motors and Mitsubishi Aircraft Corporation.

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07. Tokyo Narita Airport


Narita International Airport is one of two international airports serving the Greater Tokyo area, the other being Haneda Airport (HND). Narita Airport has been named the seventh among the top 10 safest airports in the world 2023 by Skytrax. It is located in Narita, Chiba, about 60 kilometers east of central Tokyo. Narita is the busiest airport in Japan by international passenger and international cargo traffic.

In 2018, Narita had 33.4 million international passengers and 2.2 million tonnes of international cargo. Additionally, Narita was also the second busiest airport in Japan in terms of aircraft movement (after Haneda Airport in Tokyo) and the tenth busiest air freight hub in the world. Its 4,000 m (13,123 ft) main runway shares the record for longest runway with the second runway at Kansai International Airport in Osaka, Japan.

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06. Tokyo Haneda Airport

haneda airport

Tokyo Haneda International Airport has become the sixth safest airport in the world. It is one of two international airports serving the Greater Tokyo area, the other being Narita International Airport. The Airport serves as the primary base for Japan’s two major domestic airlines, Japan Airlines and All Nippon Airways, as well as Air Do, Skymark Airlines, Solacid Air and Starflyer. It is located in Ota, Tokyo, 15 kilometers south of Tokyo Station.

As of 2021, Haneda is rated by Skytrax as the second best airport behind Qatar’s Hamad International Airport and the cleanest and best domestic airport in the world, retaining its title since 2020.

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05. Hong Kong Airport

top 10 Safest Airports In The World

Hong Kong International Airport is Hong Kong’s main airport, built on Chek Lap Kok Island, Hong Kong. It has been ranked the fifth safest airport in the world by Skytrax. Having been in commercial operation since 1998, Hong Kong International Airport is one of the largest trans-shipment centres, passenger hubs and gateways to destinations in Hong Kong, Greater China, Asia and the world. The airport is the busiest cargo gateway in the world and one of the busiest passenger airports in the world. It is one of the largest passenger terminal buildings in the world.

In addition, the airport is one of the centers of the Oneworld alliance, and one of the Asia-Pacific cargo hubs for UPS Airlines. It is a focus city for several airlines including China Airlines and China Eastern Airlines. Also, both Singapore Airlines and Ethiopian Airlines use Hong Kong as a stopover point for their flights.

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04. Singapore Changi Airport

Best Airports In The World

Singapore Changi Airport has won over 620 awards since its opening, including 28 “Best Airport” awards in 2019 alone. It is a major civilian international airport serving Singapore, and one of the largest transportation hubs in Asia. It is currently ranked as one of the world’s best airports by Skytrax, the first airport in the world to do so for eight consecutive years.

As of November 2020, Changi Airport serves over 100 airlines flying to 400 cities in approximately 100 countries and territories around the world. Additionally, approximately 7,400 flights arrive or depart Changi each week or one every 80 seconds.

In addition, for the 2019 full-year figures published by the airport, the airport handled 68,300,000 passengers, the most in its 38-year history. This made it the seventh busiest airport in the world by international passenger traffic and the third busiest in Asia.

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03. Kansai Airport

Safest Airports In The World

Kansai International Airport is ranked as the third safest airport in the world 2023. It is the primary international airport in the Greater Osaka region of Japan and the nearest international airport to the cities of Osaka, Kyoto and Kobe.

Additionally, Kansai was opened on 4 September 1994 to relieve congestion at the original Osaka International Airport. In 2016, 25.2 million passengers used the airport, making it the 30th busiest airport in Asia and the third busiest in Japan. In 2020, Kansai received Skytrax’s award for Best Airport Staff in Asia, Best Airport Staff in the World and World’s Best Airport for Baggage Delivery.

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02. Zurich Airport

top 10 Safest Airports In The World

Zurich Airport is the largest international airport in Switzerland and one of the top 10 safest airports in the world 2023. It is also the main hub of Swiss International Air Lines.

The Airport Fire Brigade is responsible for firefighting at Zurich Airport and is on standby round the clock. In the event of an emergency, according to international standards, the brigade should be able to reach any location on the airport grounds, over an area of ​​880 hectares, for no more than three minutes. Their vehicles have extremely powerful engines and large capacity tanks.

In the Zurich area, mixed civil and military air traffic developed from 1909 onwards at Dubendorf airfield to the northeast of the city. The first international flight from Switzerland landed on July 21, 1921.

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01. Seoul Incheon Airport

Seoul Incheon Airport
Image Credit: Arne Müseler/Wikimedia

Incheon International Airport is the safest airport in the world 2023. It is the largest airport in South Korea. Also, it is the primary airport serving the Seoul Capital Area and one of the largest and busiest airports in the world. Incheon International Airport is rated as the fourth best airport in the world by Skytrax.

In addition, Skytrax has rated the airport as the best international transit airport in the world and one of the cleanest airports in the world. Also, the airport is one of Skytrax’s 5-star airports and has also been awarded the world’s best airport security. Incheon International Airport has topped the ranking every year, ranking the best airport worldwide from 2005 to 2011 by the Airports Council International (ACI).

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